PayCon™ Muggle Relief Fund™ Giveaway - May 1st - 8th, 2015

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Paycon™ [CON] - We Don't Deny It.

BitCointalk ANN thread -

PayCon™ presents......

PayCon™ Muggle Relief Fund™ (formally known as the Dishonor Program™)

Have you been bamboozled, hoodwinked, shamblasted, Paycoined? We want to hear your stories and share to you world all of your troubles and be relieved by the CON. Don't want to share your story, don't have Proof of Con or how about you just want to Con the CON? Still holding bags so heavy only a Lambo, Ferrari and a Tesla could hold them? Drinking the Koolaid? Maybe you saw it all coming a mile away and laughed at the impending doom? No worries! Everyone is welcome and we don't care about proof! just tell us where the bad man touched you and we will relieve you of your burdens. Our biased donators are holding the phone waiting for your calls, eagerly awaiting to dump our bags.

This event will be OPEN until Friday May 8th, 2015

If you need a wallet, precompiled Windows and Mac wallets are available in the PayCon ANN thread located at

Shh, just let it happen....


Great idea!

I need to get hold of some CON urgently anyway. Guess I'll have to hit BTER for that.


SWEET! Something i can hang my hat on!


...And subject to change as we see fit, you dont like bad, I already have your money and a lawyer.


don't* .... too*

Seems that you have it down!


smile I see no problemms wifh teh aboove stateemant, schtop pikin on meh!


You can't have complete proof so you go with best effort wink

This should be a more laughs than a barrel full of XPY


omg haha i LOVE this. You have my whole-hearted support, do you accept XPY? smiley


Yes, at 20% over spot price and will dump immediately.


I moved 4 posts to an existing topic: Introduce Yourself!


OMG im in!!! Ill get the wallet and get ready to stake some CON!!! Will it have a 20$ value to start wink


well I don't know if you guys would want me to share, it will make you so depressed maybe even cry a little.


As a recovering Gawoholic, I'm always willing to share. For starters, I'm proud to say I've not been looking at HT for 3 days now, not even for getting a laugh. And also, I've gone 36 hours straight without looking at XPY rates while I've been actively following other coins!


Yes, our 20 Satoshi buy wall is holding strong, pump and dump groups determine the market price.


Unbreakable floor!





20 Satoshi, 1.2 btc marketcap for the win.

This week we are going to dump all our Bags on people, going to be interesting to see how the market reacts, looking at approximately 450k CON or 7.5% of all PayCon. Final numbers will be released at the scheduled time but will be a minimum of 250k


you missed a word at the end....

minimum of 250k.....



Probably off topic but can we stake paycon on GHcloud via the GHMinting?


"we" cant stake anything. GHminting will be used to pick up payments on slack days is my understanding