The first decentralized and 100% transparent
bitcoin crowd mining platform.

Over 307 BTC mined
by 500 TH/s SHA-256 mining power
Top rated for transparency
Secure Online Platform

Proof-of-Everything (PoE)

GetHashing is the first entirely transparent and decentralized crowd mining community.
We have no secrets, ask our members!


GetHashing's mining power allocation, the pools mined as well as a trasnaction log of all inbound and outgoing transactions are displayed on the GHfarm page on GHcloud.


Transparency and integrity is the key to success when it comes to building trust and confidence among the community. We live by our mission statement!


The GetHashing mining shares (GHX) are backed by physical hardware which has been showcased numerous times and we'll continue to do so with every new batch coming online.


GHminting is part of the GHcoin stream of revenue and build around staking PoS coins. The staking rewards are distributed to GHX owners on a regular basis as part of the dividend payments.


Decentralized and secure multi-coin wallet and mining platform


GHX, the first freely tangible smart asset mining shares.


GetHashing's international crypto-community forum.

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