Proof-of-Everything (PoE) can be found on the GHcloud, our decentralized cloud management solution for Bitcoin mining. GetHashing - Provable transparency in crypto mining.

About Us

GetHashing was founded by a group of Crypto enthusiasts with the goal of bringing change to the Crypto-world, mining, and how we (as a community) support the economy and growth of blockchain technology.

We pledge to maintain transparency of our operations whenever possible. This includes our mining addresses, development road-map, and our overall hashing power. We’re sharing any information we can without jeopardizing the integrity and profitability of our operation.

Our vision is not to be “yet another, cloud mining company”.

Instead, we’ve decided to build a platform that will grow with the community to become self-sustained, operated, and powered by it’s members. In January 2015 we’ve launched the GetHashing forum and our research and development of the GHcloud began.

While doing our research we’ve come to realize that (unfortunately) many of those that use Bitcoin know very little about the blockchain and it’s capabilities. For most people the blockchain is just “a public record of transactions” so we decided to stop reinventing the wheel and instead build the entire platform on the cloud utilizing the chains capabilities wherever possible and return to the roots of crypto, Bitcoin.

Our smart asset mining shares “GHX” are the first step and GHcloud followed the lead being one of the first platforms developed which doesn’t require storing of your data on centralized servers. We use salting and LocalData storage which resides ONLY in the browser of the user making GHcloud one of the most secure crypto-platforms and multi-currency wallets in the industry. This allows us to build a highly flexible and transparent platform.

Although other communities have attempted to accomplish this, GetHashing intends to succeed where others have failed by pledging full transparency using the existing technologies. This means that there will be no database issues or hot-wallets running dry when making transfers via the platform. Think of us as being the Janitors that develop, maintain and manage the platform rather than being the company that is selling you their product(s). Because we are not - we’re buying the same product(s) as you are.

Please also see What is GetHashing, an amendment to GetHashing’s mission statement.

Supporting Crypto

In 2014 and 2015 we all looked at the crypto-community as a whole which has become very “fast ROI” and profit focused. What happened to “supporting Crypto” and the coins you believe in? What happened to not “mining the life” out of one particular coin just for fast profit while destroying a coin with great potential at the same time?

Let’s face it, we’re hurting our own eco-system and the future of Cryptocurrencies in the everlasting hunt for the fastest ROI. The fact is, many don’t care about the coins, their innovations, or their future any more. We are just looking to cut a quick profit by mining coins and dumping it on the market.

We’re here to change this

That’s right, we’re here to change how Crypto’s are looked upon by the community.

GHpool is a little different from other Multipools out there for the reasons stated above. Our goal for GHpool are not to be “the most profitable Multipool ever conceived”. Instead, our goal is to be “the most stable” pool in terms of consistent payouts while allowing miners to get paid in the coins they are mining.

You may ask how will you do this?

GHpool will be launching as SHA-256 pool. Our stratum servers use hyper-threading technology and we’ll be merge-mining a large number of SHA-256 coins. Some of those will be publicly displayed, while others won’t. As mentioned above our goal is not to mine any particular coin to death, but instead balance our mining operation across a number of coins. At the same time we will be feeding the mined coins into the market at a controlled pace, as to not affect their exchange rate.

In addition, we’ll be side-mining selected coins with some of our own hash-power which we won’t be exchanging at that time. Instead we will hold the coins to create coin reserves of the coin(s) we aim to support. Again, this will be absolutely transparent and our members are more than welcome to support those coins as well.

We Love Crypto…

..and if you do too then you’ve just found a new home. Sign up for our forum today, embrace the blockchain!