Proof-of-Everything (PoE) can be found on the GHcloud, our decentralized cloud management solution for Bitcoin mining. GetHashing - Provable transparency in crypto mining.

GetHashing Cloud

GetHashing Cloud is the first fully transparent, community driven bitcoin crowd mining platform with a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet service and support for smart assets build on the open assets protocol (aka colored coins) including GetHashing’s mining shares also known as GHcoin (GHX).

Decentralization begins where remote storage of user data ends - GHcloud!

The GHteam has spent tremendous time on the development of GHcloud. Originally build on the Blockstrap Framework, GHcloud allows us to provide our members with a reliable and highly scalable platform without the need to hold user funds in hot-wallets or storing of user data in local databases. This allows us flexible development while providing a secure platform and wallet service to all members, true decentralization.

GHcloud Features:

Unlike other platforms GHcloud stores all user information in LocalData of the users browser giving users ultimate control over their account and their wallet keys while protecting their privacy. Think of GHwallet as a local wallet under your control with GHcloud being your Hub connecting you to the blockchain and the GetHashing world.

Please Note: Once you’ve created your account on GHcloud it’s important that you backup your account and the private key of every GHwallet address you’ve created. The backup file is an encrypted and salted string of code which is literally impossible to crack. The SALT includes your profile information, avatar, security question, pin and all other info entered during setup and the account only exists in LocalStorage of your browser. With your backup you’ll be always able to recover your account and your private keys will ensure that you always stay in control of your bitcoins and smart assets.


GHwallet currently supports cryptocurrency accounts for BTC, DASH, Doge, LTC and smart assets build on the open assets protocol. The GHwallet altcoin service is part of the GHcloud core framework developed by Blockstrap. The wallet hash and private keys for each account are stored in the users account hash (SALT) and only stored in LocalData of the browser. This makes GHwallets very secure to use by only communicating the transactions with the different block chains. GHcloud is the first wallet of its kind that puts the user in control of their private keys.

GHcoin (GHX mining shares):

The GHX page is where the magic happens. Once you’ve created your GHcloud account simply browse to the GHcoin page, create a new asset address or enter a remote GHX address via the settings and the page will load all asset information, your GHX and BTC balance, a list of all current GHX owners and most importantly all GetHashing coin generation addresses and payout addresses for easy auditing and to maintain transparency as part of our proof-of-everything concept.


GHfarm contains all information about the GHmining operation. The current overall hashrate of our hardware as well as a log of all incoming and outgoing transactions of the coin generation and payout addresses. The transaction log has two display options, summary and full view which can be changed in the settings.


On the GHpool page you’ll find all the information of our public pool. Pool workers, current hashrate, the coins being mined, blocks found, pool connection information by pool and worker stats. Unlike other pools GHpool allows miners to mine the coins they want to mine and receive their pay-outs in the same coin. New coins are added by popularity, profitability and via community votes / demand. The pool charges a fee of 2%.


Are you in need of some hashing power? Rent some of our rigs!

Portions of the GHfarm mining power is available for rent through GHrigs, located on the GHpool page. The proceeds of all rig rentals are part of GHfarm’s revenue streams. GHX owners renting hash power through GHrigs therefore automatically receive a discount on their lease, depending on the amount of GHX you own.

For example: Bob owns 3.5% of all GHX in circulation and he’ll therefore receive 3.5% cash-back when his lease payment is distributed with the daily GHX dividend payments.


GHminting is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin staking benefit, exclusively offered to owners of GHX smart asset.

GetHashing is staking PoS-based coins in our system and the minting rewards from the staked coins are used to augment GHX payouts. Proceeds from staking are aggregated in special staking reward accounts and will be exchanged when market rates are deemed most favourable. These funds are converted into Bitcoin and support GHX mining payouts.

Smart Assets:

Open assets (also known as colored coins) can be applied to a number of mechanisms for issuing and tracking particular Bitcoins. These Bitcoins can then be used to represent assets other than their literal Bitcoin value. Smart assets can be used to represent shares in a particular venture, smart properties, other currencies and different tokens stored on the blockchain.

On GHcloud users can manage their various smart assets including GHX or community driven assets. The assets page also provides detailed information about any asset owned including average payout, total received in payouts, days to break even and other useful information.

GetHashing Addresses Explanation (PoE):

As you may know GetHashing strives to provide full transparency on all operations. Therefore our coin generation, payout and mining addresses are public information which may be reviewed by anyone at any time.

As the operation grows our number of addresses will increase as well and we’ll be introducing an “audit” page in one of the next updates. In the meantime all current addresses can be found on the GHcoin page and the transaction log can be found on the GHfarm page. Below you’ll find a screenshot of the current addresses and an explanation of each address. You may view each address on the GHledger by simply clicking on an address.

GHcloud mining addresses

  • GHrigs: Income from GHrigs
  • GHmining: Income from mining operation
  • GHrebate: Income from GHxchange marketplace fees
  • GHads: Income from adverts on the GHforum
  • GHcoinex: Income from mined and exchanged altcoins
  • GHmined: Income from the above addresses.
  • GHfees: Maintenance fees deducted from GHmined

Excited yet?

Good, head over to, setup your account and jump right into the action.

GHcloud utilizes decentralized user account which means that we do not store any of your information on our servers!

This includes your GHwallet keys and your profile information. All personal information is stored in LocalData of your internet browser on YOUR system. Once you’ve signed up please backup your wallet and private keys. GetHasing will not take any responsibility or liability if users fail to backup their information neither can we restore your data. It’s your data, you’re responsible to safekeep your information.