• 25% Rebate for GHX Owners!

  • Peer-to-Peer Asset Exchange!

  • Secure & Decentralized Trading!

  • No Escrow, No Middleman!

Proof-of-Everything (PoE) can be found on the GHcloud, our decentralized cloud management solution for Bitcoin mining. GetHashing - Provable transparency in crypto mining.

GHxchange - Smart Asset Marketplace

Imagine a peer-to-peer marketplace without the need for trust or third-party escrow services, an exchange without hot wallets, an exchange that doesn’t hold any of your funds or assets, a marketplace built entirely around block chain technology.

Welcome to GHxchange, a marketplace for smart assets built upon the Open Assets Protocol. Trade with confidence while staying in full control of your assets.

Utilizing the Atomic-Swap Protocol, GHxchange provides seamless transactions between parties using the block chain to securely hold or “escrow” assets and funds being exchanged. As a bonus to GHX owners, 25% of the fees collected through GHxchange are distributed back in the form of rebate each Sunday.

Outstanding Balance
GHxchange Balance 0 BTC
Unpaid Rebate 0 BTC
Total Collected & Paid
Fees (all times) 3.19526062 BTC
Rebate Paid 0.78321545 BTC
2% Marketplace fee, 25% Rebate.